Friday, May 1, 2009

my wedding night


It was an interesting night, I was plain exhausted, some of the anxiety was still there of course, but not as bad lol. We had fun at the party , it was all so surreal. Then the party was over.... I was trying to help in cleaning the venue, my mentor was there and of course, she kept saying its time to go, "get out of here", "go get ready for your husband", the whole nine "go take a nice shower" "wear something nice" blah blah lol. I was so shy. Anyways we had company at the house, my dearest hubby previously agreed no show until the honeymoon. Well, lets just say he didnt keep his word lol. I was shy in the morning and felt so self conscious like Ive been found out by our guests. anyways life has been blissful ever since, had a great time at our honey moon getaway.