Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Anxiety about the "do" on wedding night

E ma gba mi o.(somebody save me from myself) I really cant believe I am genuinely anxious about doing the do on my wedding night. I'm getting married in just a couple of weeks, yes I'm excited about it, but this underlying "thing" dare I say fear is still underneath. To make it more ridiculous, I'm not a virgin, wish I was but that's another story, I've been abstinent though, practicing secondary virginity, maybe thats just what its all about.

Is this normal?, I think its about the expectation that sex is going to happen or is supposed to happen. Ive never really heard this discussed, I can expect it from a virgin anyways I told one of my closest friends and she couldnt believe it either. Now I just wonder...I pray this is not some kind of underlying issue o lol. I'm not nervous about getting married within itself but this other "koko" is quickly approaching and I find my heart beating fast...

I love him dearly lol I tried to hint my "Mr" but I guess he didnt take me too seriously. I just left it alone so I dont ruin his night for him.

To blogville, I have since willingly,"good wifeyingly" so generously encouraged a family member to come over from out of town and stay the night, the night of the wedding,we leave for the honey moon the next day LOL well that took some pressure off, till the next day @ least, yes I know, thats awful, but we'll see what happens
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