Monday, August 10, 2009

marital S.E.X is yummy

Waiting to get married before having sex has been PRICELESS! I heard about this before getting married, but didn't understand till I got to experience it for myself. Sex outside of marriage is really not what its cut out to be, I promise. Gods words and principles are just more real to me, like my own a ha moment.

The immense peace from the covering over our marriage just by the sacrifices we made before we made our lifetime commitment is so comforting, the major things we did included fasting and praying for about 2 weeks, surrendering every aspect of our future into Gods hands. We were in a LDR, we went from seeing each other every month to not seeing each other for about 5-6mths, even though we talked multiple times on the phone daily, it was hard but really worth it. We made sure premarital sex was not an option since we struggled with it in the past.

I learned that, though things may seem hard at the moment, as long as its for and about God, He rewards way beyond things that I can even see. If you are celibate, stand your ground, I'm proud of you, If you are not, please make a change.
Premarital sex is truly scum compared to divine love making in marriage :) I just really wish people really understood that.

Its been a great 10 months since I said I do. Things I learned:

God is really good and He blessed me with a truly wonderful guy
The marriage class we attended in church is the best $60 we have ever spent.
Selflessness: listening to the unspoken words of hubby, there are times he just really needs space or may be having a bad day.
Watching my words and my thoughts. Keeping it positive! positive! positive!
The security of unconditional love, and yes, there are very few times I may not really like hubby and vice versa :)
The security I have that my relationship with hubby was built and renewed in Christ before and after our marriage, therefore our marriage is built on a solid rock/foundation.

The ones that surprised me:
How jealous and protective I can be over my hubby, lol had to pray about that one
The 1st couple of months after getting married, I was overwhelmed with the frequent love making, going from none to everyday just threw me off a little bit lol
Thanks for stopping by. Be blessed

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