Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I'm over it

Marriage is challenging

My emotions are raw and all over the place
I am aware that they are just that and the emotions will change
For now i am really upset
We have not been talking, about the deep stuff like we should,
Frankly I'm tired of being the one bringing such things up
The only time that I get to hear what bothers him is when I bring up something that bothers me
For now hubby said hes just going to live his life (words are powerful, very powerful)
and I replied- I will just live mine then and we see where it goes
well on that note
the couch is my bed tonight. I really don't care about the consequences right about now!

Hubby and I resolved the issue, found out that I misunderstood his statement. I know that was really silly to sleep on the couch, I did it just that once. I realized that I was reflecting the frustrations I had with my mother on my hubby. I found myself reliving the bad experiences I had growing up with my mother who is visiting with us at this time. I thought I had forgiven her, but there were triggers that I just could not shake off. Anyways I will continue to work through those issues. I thought about deleting the post but at the same time I decided not to. I don't want to create a false impression because no one is perfect, no marriage is perfect, you have to control your anger or your anger will control you. It is indeed a learning process :)